Turmeric: The Incredible Flu Fighter

The ancient herb, Turmeric, has been used for centuries in Asian medicine, but not just for its flavorful taste. According to studies, its powerful medicinal properties make it one of the best natural flu fighting and antibacterial agents. When people’s focus shifts to building better health habits, Turmeric can provide a myriad health benefits and may help with many common illnesses and conditions. It’s the star ingredient everybody needs in their life to help protect against common bacterial illnesses.

turmeric-flu About the Flu

Getting the flu can happen any time of year, however there are certain seasons when they can reach near epidemic proportions in parts of the United States.  The elderly, young children, pregnant women, those with poor immune systems or chronic illnesses are more susceptible to the flu. Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, high fever, aching muscles and joints, headaches, dry cough, chills sweats, fatigue and nasal congestion are common flu symptoms.

Flu can be bacterial or viral. It spreads when an infected person sneezes or coughs near others. I can also be transmitted by touching a common object, like a doorknob or telephone without washing their hands. Untreated, flu can progress to pneumonia, bronchitis, and ear or sinus infections. Such complications can cause hospitalization and sometimes even death.

Effectively Treat The Flu Influenza With Natural Medicine – Dr. Patti Kim, ND



Turmeric and the Flu

Scientists are looking for new means to contain an influenza pandemic, particularly in overpopulated developing countries.  One method may be to provide sufficient supplies of affordable effective antibacterial, antiviral agents and vaccines. The more economical agents, like Turmeric, are being commonly studied – particularly for their capability to combat an infection of the flu. Amongst the numerous compounds studied, Turmeric’s most studied active compound, curcumin, has impact on cellular signaling that may prove to be helpful.

Laboratory research found that Turmeric lowered viral duplication in over 90% of cells contaminated by the influenza virus. It also displayed a capability to shield other cells from the infection. This capacity to stop replication of microbes and infections indicate that Turmeric could possibly offer many beneficial advantages in the treatment of influenza.

Turmeric’s antibacterial and antiviral properties have been shown to help ramp up your body’s immune system and leave you better equipped to fight off cold and flu. Turmeric can increase protein levels in the body that protect the immune system from viruses and bacteria that attack it. It also contains potassium and manganese that support immunity. One of Turmeric’s active ingredients, curcumin, helps stimulate the body’s immune system and kicks it in to action (even if you already have a cold) making it a great natural remedy.

In addition to taking a Turmeric Curcumin supplement, there are a few other ways to incorporate Turmeric into your diet, particularly when you are sick. A cup of warm milk with 4-6 capsules of Turmeric powder opened and poured into the milk can fight flu, colds and cough.  In Indian cuisine, Turmeric, ginger and garlic are added to most recipes to fight against infections during the flu season or simply to warm the body.

If you experience respiratory issues–  a common flu symptom – mix water, 4-6 capsules of Turmeric and little milk and gargle with it. Hot tea is also really comforting when you are ill and it’s super easy to make . Just mix some water with lemon, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, Turmeric, honey and bring to a boil. After, let it simmer​ for 10 minutes. Stir, serve, and you’ll feel better soon.

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