Video: The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Turmeric

This video on the anti-inflammatory health benefits of Turmeric Curcumin reveals the natural way to control inflammation and pain…

This second video in our series highlights the incredible anti-inflammatory benefits contained in Turmeric.

Did you know that hundreds of disease conditions have inflammation in common?

Even simply annoying conditions like acne, blotchy skin, upset stomach and the common headache?

However, millions of people Worldwide suffer from and chronic pain conditions caused by inflammation. Curcumin, a natural extract found in Turmeric is a natural, gentle anti-inflammatory. Many people can realize symptom relief taking just four to six (4 – 6) 500mg capsules per day.

Prostaglandins are one of the causes of inflammation at the cellular level. When certain enzymes are released it increases the production of prostaglandins resulting in pain and more inflammation. This is the body’s normal and healthy response to injury. However, in disease conditions, the inflammation becomes like a fire damaging tissues. Chronic inflammation is what concerns doctors.

Some doctors claim that against Turmeric, anti-inflammatory medicines including steroids and over-the-counter NSAID’s are not as effective. Turmeric is GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and in fact has been used in Eastern medicine disciplines for thousand of years. Turmeric works against inflammation naturally at the molecular level by actively blocking the production of inflammation causing prostaglandins.

This natural root of the plant that comes in powdered form in 500mg capsules and contains an arsenal of inflammation fighting substances including more than two dozen more compounds that reduce swelling and inflammation. This is in addition to Curcumin. Clinical trials prove that taking Turmeric for inflammation is an extremely effective approach without the side effects of the man-made solutions.

Have you seen great results from taking turmeric for inflammation? We’d love to know! Please tell us in the comment section below.
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