Secrets of a Superstar Herb

Used for years in ayuervedic and traditional Chinese medicine because of it’s ability to help with many common illnesses and conditions, the Turmeric rhizome contains the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory studied to date: curcumin. It acts similar to NSAID’s in the body. Additionally, Turmeric contains at least two dozen other anti-inflammatories science has not yet studied on their own.

Turmeric anti-inflammatory health benefitsThe anti-inflammatory properties found in Turmeric are evaluated in so many scientific studies because of the huge range of conditions that this amazing natural herbal can have an effect on. Because it is such a powerful agent against inflammation (as a natural COX2 Inhibitor) it has been studied and successfully used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years, and is growing in popularity in Western medicine.

Conditions it is used for include: digestive issues including IBS, liver cleansing, skin conditions including acne, urinary tract infections, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, heart and circulatory issues, stomach upset, blood sugar and blood pressure health, headaches, and much more. It also has a known antibiotic effect which can inhibit bacterial growth and speed healing in wounds.

There are countless ways Turmeric is beneficial to overall health, as well as how it is now being studied for treating more serious illnesses, including most famously: cancers.

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